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Marito verde

27% ABV

Marito’s wonderfully green – that’s clear. But there’s also a great deal going on inside: all manner of carefully selected Swiss herbs, processed with painstaking attention to detail. The blend is perfect: Marito has a stimulating lemon-fresh aroma. And the bitter-sweetness on the palate exhibits depth. Marito is refreshingly different and completely natural. 

Swiss herbs, naturally

A host of different herbs, all grown, nurtured, tended and carefully selected in different regions of Switzerland.
Here are the main four.

What a captivating and distinctive scent. Who doesn’t like it? That is why we appreciate lemon balm as a versatile herb and medicinal plant.

This bitter herb has been cultivated for centuries in cloister gardens due to its beneficial effects.

This traditional medicinal plant is a common sight in Switzerland. It grows in meadows and on waysides.

Lemon verbena is in the Verbenaceae family, and it too has a wonderful fragrance. As early as the 18th century, it was taken from Chile to Europe.

Cool breeze

There are moments when everything’s just right:
after work on a warm summer’s day, at sundown by the lake, with friends on a day out. And as accompaniment: Marito, the fruity, sparkling Swiss herb aperitif – the natural drink for exactly those moments.


The simple way to a perfect Marito

The flavours develop best in a large flute glass. Add the ice cubes and 4 cl Marito verde. Fill with 14 cl soda water and add a slice of lemon. That's it! Quickly made, it is tasty and refreshing.
Rezept Eis
Rezept Marito
Rezept Soda
Rezept Zitrone
Glas Rezept
Ci vediamo?
Tanti saluti


Selecting the herbs: all of our herbs are grown in Switzerland, some of which we cultivate ourselves. We use only the very best ones for our Marito verde. To that end, we travel around the whole country and personally choose which ones are destined for the distilling vessels.

We combine two processes:

fresh herbs are carefully distilled and dried herbs are macerated. That is what gives marito verde its distinctive flavour.

Distillation / maceration

Fresh herbs are carefully distilled: lots of experience and nimble fingers are required to get the delicious flavours and every taste nuance out of the herbs. Other dried herbs are macerated to extract the flavours contained therein. We combine the distillate and macerate. This makes Marito verde an intense, multifaceted drink.

Marito Momente